Tuesday, November 17, 2015

New Ed Kuepper album advance orders open now

It is with great pride that we announce the forthcoming release of  Ed Kuepper's 50th album.
''Lost Cities'' will be released on CD on the 20th December 2015. All copies purchased before the official release date will be personally signed by Ed and cover artist Judi Dransfield Kuepper.
Order now and join in the celebration pop pickers!
The album features nine new songs recorded August 2015 following the successful Nostalgia for the New mini tour. Titles are ''Pavane'', ''Friends with the Leader'', "Free passage to Mars'' ''[It's] Never too Late'', ''The Ruins'', ''Fever Dream'', ''What can I leave you'', ''Some said....'' ''Queen of the Vale [that's V.A.L.E]'' CD only at this time.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Ed Kuepper ''The Return of the Mail-order Bridegroom''
The second volume in the Ed Kuepper New Worlds series.
Only $20 includes postage


Currently on back order.....stock arriving early 2016.

Back in stock! Ed Kuepper album "Second Winter'' .The first volume in the Ed Kuepper New Worlds series. Not available in stores!

Available now for short time only!
Limited edition Return of the Mail-order Bridegroom Tea Towels.
 Beautiful 100% high quality larger size line

Tea towels have sold out

Monday, February 24, 2014

Here's just the thing to while away the hours until the next Ed Kuepper tour!
Casino quality 310 gm linen Ed Kuepper Last Australian Action Hero poker cards....strictly limited edition ! Do your bit to help bring about the end of the poker machine scourge  in live music venues...bring your own Last Action Hero Cards! Once they've sold out they're gone! Only $19.95 including p&p . Actual cards are nicer quality than the digitized image below 

The Ed Kuepper Last Australian Action Hero cards have sold out.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Ed Kuepper Last Australian Action Hero T-Shirt !

Ed Kuepper Last Australian Action Hero T-Shirt !

Available in black or white Ladies and Gents styles !

Soft cotton with print using 70's style ryonet discharge ink very comfy and chic !


Men's shirt 

Men's shirts have sold out in all sizes

Women's shirt black
Only a few shirts left in sizes and colour indicated.
Other sizes have sold out.


Women's shirt white


Large linen Action Hero tea towel

Sorry tea towels have sold out

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New Ed Kuepper studio album ''Second Winter''

Second Winter is out of stock

Hello and welcome to the Prince Melon Records site.

At present this is the only site where you can purchase physical copies of the Ed Kuepper, Laughing Clowns and The Aints live and rarities 'bootleg' series of cds. All cds and dvds are artist approved and only available as limited editions in single sleeve cardboard covers. We are now making some of the out of print albums available here Ed Kuepper downloads. Some titles are also available for download on iTunes, Amazom MP3 , eMusic and other sites if you prefer. Please note DVDs are region free.

volume 14
volume 14

Volume 14 is sold out

Volume 15
volume 15
Volume 15 is sold out

Volume 16
Laughing Clowns live 1982

Sold out

Volume 10 The Aints Live

volume 10
Volume 10 " The Aints Live' is sold out

Volume 11 Ed Kuepper Live
volume 11
Volume 11 'Ed Kuepper live at the Judith Wright Centre' is sold out

Volume 7 Laughing Clowns Live 2009

volume 7
Volume 7 'Laughing Clowns Live' is sold out

Volume 1 Ed Kuepper Live [The disc that started the Prince Melon resurgence]
Volume One 'Ed Kuepper Live' is sold out

Volume 12 Studio Demos 1988 and 2007
volume 12
Volume 12 'Studio Demos' is sold out

Volume 2
volume 2
Volume 2 sold out
volume 3

Volume 3

volume 4
Volume 4 'Honey steel's Gold live at the Forum'
Volume 4 has sold out.

volume 5
Volume 5 'Duos ,solos and trios'
Volume 5 has sold out
volume 6
volume six 'Honey Steel's gold the movie' Region free PAL DVD.
Volume 6 has sold out volume 8

Volume 8 'Laughing Clowns live at the Basement'

volume 9
Laughing Clowns Live at the gallery of Modern art DVD region free PAL

Volume 13 The Ascension Academy
volume 13
' The Ascension Academy' is sold out

Live in London 2007 volume 17

Sold out

volume 18
Live European and U.S radio sessions 1986, 1988, 1990, 1993 volume 18

Sold out

Two videos from the live Laughing Clowns DVD on Prince Melon Records.
The DVDs are higher audio and video quality.
The show was recorded at the Gallery of Modern Art Brisbane in Jan 2009
and was the first time the band had played together since breaking up in 1984.
The first video is of 'Come one,come all' originally released on the Prince Melon Records album 'Mr Uddich-Schmuddich goes to town' in 1982

The second clip is of 'Everything that flies...] originally released on the Prince Melon Records 12 inch E.P 'Everything that flies is not a bird' in 1983.